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After going through three stages of selection, and two and a half months of competitions, the band The All Ways ( became the winners of the project!
But first we want to shout out a huge THANK YOU to each and every one that took part in the competition: from the bands that competed to the very last and their fans, to those of you who simply watched the competition from the sidelines. The importance of your support and attention to our project can’t be underestimated.
But today we have one particular band that deserves the loudest applauses and the sincerest congratulations more than others - The All Ways band! Though they didn’t top the chart during the online voting stage, they became unquestionable leader and the only favorite of our panel of judges during the last stage.
From now on, you’ll hear and see them a lot! We’ll write about them, show them to you in our vlog, that will be opened soon, and more - we prepared really a lot of surprises for you.